Do you provide Travel Insurance?
We would recommend purchasing your Travel Insurance before travelling to Jordan.
Can a Solo Female Traveler join our group experiences?
The majority of our adventurers are females. Most likely there will be other Female Adventurers in your experience.
Will there be cellular or internet connection during my experience?
Cellular reception is available around most of the country, except for Wadi Rum and some other treks or some cycling routes. Internet connection is available in all hotels and many Bedouin camps.
How much cash should I have on me?
Nowadays, Many shops especially in touristic areas accept Credit Cards. However, you need to have some Cash with you for smaller shops or when tipping. You can withdraw Cash from Local ATM's in main cities. Our local currency is the Jordanian Dinar (JOD). 1 JOD is approximately 1.41 USD
How to Tip?
Tipping your Guides and service providers is highly recommended as its not included in your experience fees. It shows how much you appreciate their service.
Can you accommodate different dietary restrictions?
When booking your experience, You can let us know in the notes section. We will do our best to accommodate your needs.